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After waiting many years to go and get my drivers license, I thought that I would never do it. However, as soon as I spoke to Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School I knew exactly where I was going to go, and booked my course immediately. The patience and care that comes with the Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School team is outstanding and has helped me to become a more confident driver. With Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School I have learned all the necessary fundamentals of driving in the class and out on the road. I now have skills that I thought would never come my way. I am thrilled to have been a student of theirs and I would recommend their program to anyone who wants to be a better driver.


Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School gave me the confidence that I needed to not only pass my driving test, but to drive confidently all on my own. The Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School team knows what they are doing, and they know how to teach it to you. It’s unbelievable how fast I learned all the fundamentals of driving in the classroom and on the road. The in-class sessions were actually fun and interesting, and the road lessons were different every time. In addition to becoming a completely safe and responsible driver, my in-car instructor spent extra time to teach me how to parallel park properly, something that most drivers fear, but for me it’s a breeze. To this day I still have not gotten a ticket, and I have the Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School team to thank for that!


York Mills Collegiate

I’m officially fully licensed because of Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School. I’ve had many driving instructors over the years and couldn’t pass my road test with any them. Every instructor I had was completely stumped as to why I kept failing. I have terrible anxiety, and even though my driving was okay, it was very difficult for me to perform well on the actual tests. The pressure was just too much for me to handle.

Tom was the only instructor I had who understood my anxiety, rebuilt my confidence and put me at ease. I got my G2 with him on the first try. A few years later, I contacted him for my G test and passed again without any issues. I definitely couldn’t do it without him. Driving tests were such an ordeal before I knew about Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School. I’d recommend them over anyone else! Save yourself the headache.


I am one of those people who made many attempts for the road tests which always turned out to be unsuccessful! My G1 license was just a valid government-issued photo ID for me because I thought driving wasn’t for me and I would never be able to proceed to get my G2. It’s pretty sad to admit that I actually did invest so much time and money to take MANY in-car driving lessons with other driving schools before (both well-known-and-expensive, and not-well-known-and-cheap), but I never felt confident for driving. More importantly, my previous driving instructor did not have the availabilities to meet my practice needs. I could only meet the driving instructor once or twice (maybe if lucky) a month! I felt I was not improving at all, and thought I needed someone else who actually would care to ensure I got enough practices and pass the road test!

Through my sister who also passed her G2 and G with Tom, I reached out to Tom, and was able to start my lessons right away, and within 5 weeks of contacting Tom, I passed my G2 road test on my first attempt! He knew exactly what I needed to improve on, and most importantly he knew when I was ready for the test. Also, he was very flexible with his schedule, so I was able to get as many in-car lessons as I wanted at my preferred times. Another by-product of the in-car lessons with Tom was that I actually like driving now, and I am pretty confident that I can drive safely! I am definitely coming back to Tom when I am taking my G test!



When I first heard about Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School, I had already failed my G1 exit test once, spent a tonne of money on other driving schools, my confidence was at an all time low. When Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School picked me up that fateful morning I only had two weeks left in Canada before my two year trip to China. I needed to get that license. Despite all the pressure they improved upon my existing skills and eliminating all my bad habits. I receieved a very encouraging compliment by the driver examiner after the road test and I am writing this to tell everybody out there. If you have absolutely no confidence in yourself as a driver, if you’ve failed a driving test in your lifetime, and if you’re seeking real professional help: The instructors at Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School will get the job done. Tom was hilariously fun to work with and made driving lessons something to look forward to. Now I can fly to China guilt free. When it comes down to my G2 exit test I wil definitely call them again. Call these guys, they will guarantee you success.


Renda People’s University, Beijing University of Toronto St. George Campus

Thanks to Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School, I was given the skills and the confidence necessary to pass both my G2 and G tests on the first attempt. While I had ample in-car preparation for my G2 test, my G test was a different story. After over 3 years of barely driving while away at school, I returned to Toronto with a one-week window in which to pass my test before it expired. I was definitely feeling the pressure and was much less self-assured than I had been for my first test. However, after just 2 in-car sessions prior to my test, I was feeling positive again. I passed my test and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I couldn’t have done it without Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School and credit them with both successes!


McGill University

My experience at ExExaminers.com Inc. Driving school was nothing short of amazing. The instructors are professional and patient and teach you the ins and outs of driving techniques and road safety. After your lessons, you will be left with the confidence and an ample amount of knowledge to be an exceptional driver and pass your road test! Couldn’t thank their team enough!!


Having just returned from a semester abroad and my license expiring in the next few months, my G2 exit test was booked for only a week after my return. The pressure was on! I was stressed and seriously lacking in confidence. Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School was there for me during the hectic holiday season. In just a few lessons, I had learned how to drive on the highway, safely and confidently. My instructor also taught me tricks for parking, which had troubled me previously. I am so grateful for Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School. I couldn’t have passed without them!


McMaster University

I’ve had a G1 for 9 years (yes I got my G1 twice!!) and never did I think I could pass a driving test. I had attended a driving school and had attempted to obtain my license, but failed MISERABLY. In fact, the experience I had was so nerve-wracking and emotionally jarring, that I vowed I would never drive again; but sometimes in life necessity overtakes personal preference and I found myself needing to acquire my license which of course meant taking the dreaded Drive Test again. It took all the courage I had just to book the test. I remember booking it online and just shaking because I understood it meant I really had to do this. I was so anxious and nervous about taking the Drive Test that I couldn’t sleep and my heart would race just thinking about it. I couldn’t begin to imagine getting the confidence to do the test. Then one day I saw the sign for Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School and I have to say that making that call was the best decision I could have made. You are an amazing instructor!!! Many instructors only work on building skill. You work on building skill, knowledge and most importantly confidence. Your vast knowledge about all things driving related really helped me to feel informed and prepared; and your patience and enthusiasm was instrumental in getting me to overcome the fear I had about the test. You worked diligently with me to ensure that I felt comfortable and your gentle encouragement helped me to feel confident in my ability as a driver. With that knowledge, preparedness and confidence I was able to pass the Drive Test! You’ve made something I thought impossible – possible!!!!!


I’ve been studying abroad for the past 6 years, and only returning to Toronto for about a month each summer. I purchased a block of lessons at the very beginning, and each summer I could fit in only a couple of lessons, making this process absurdly slow. Each lesson was like starting from zero, however Tom patiently reinforced the fundamentals of safe driving, and was always accommodating for my tight schedule. The past two summers I was finally ready to take the G2 and G tests. I was very nervous because failure would have meant I would be set back another year, but I passed both tests with ease. Completing the lessons with these former examiners was basically a guarantee that the driving tests would be a success.


At Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School, I encountered everything a student could ask from a driving instruction program. The in-class lessons were clear and concise. The in-class teacher kept my interest while conveying in-depth theory in a time-efficient matter, always emphasizing total road safety. My in-car instructor had so much respect for, and patience with me that the confidence I received sitting beside him made me a better driver. Driving can be a very nerve-racking experience for many students on the first few lessons. With my instructor, it took about two minutes before I realized I was in the best hands possible – he was experienced, reassuring, and tolerant with all the mistakes a first-time driver could encounter. When talking to peers about their experience at other driving schools, I can’t help but laugh at the superior quality of instruction that I received at Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School.


Private School

As soon as i drove the car out of the parking lot of the driving test center, a huge torrential downpour began. My driving instructor from Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School taught me to keep calm under every situation and I can legitimately say they prepared me for the worst. Even though i absolutely despise driving in the rain, my driving instructor had provided me with the skills and confidence i needed to overcome these obstacles. This is the place you want if your looking for a driving school that will equip you with all the knowledge and driving ability you need to provide you with a lifetime of safe driving. Oh yeah as soon as i finished the test the skies opened up and the torrential downpour had stopped. It made no difference to me though cause i had just aced the test.


McGill University

My experience at ExExaminers was superb. My instructor was extremely helpful, being both knowledgeable on the test itself, as well as being able to identify and clearly communicate areas in my driving that were good and those that needed improvement. I did 10 lessons, some a few years back which had to take a hiatus because of Covid-19, and a few recently. Because of this hiatus, I had a short amount of time to complete my test before my learners license expired, but ExExaminers were accommodating in making time for me with my busy schedule as well as finding me a test quickly in the window that I had to take it. My time spent during the lessons was both productive and enjoyable, with clear improvements in my driving after every hour spent. These lessons always felt quicker than they actually were with a pleasant and direct teaching style and terrific conversation on the side.

Going into the test, I had virtually no concerns as I felt extremely prepared and familiar with everything going on. I am writing this just a few hours after passing my G2 road test on the first try, and will certainly be coming back when it is time for my G Test.


Thanks to Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School, I was able to gain the skills and confidence needed to pass my G2 test. Before hearing about Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School, I took many lessons and spent a lot of money on another driving school. I was still unable to pass my G2 test. During my first lesson with Tom, he taught me much more about driving then my previous driving instructor. Tom helped me build the skills and confidence all drivers need while making the lesson enjoyable and fun. I could tell right away that I was receiving a higher quality education with Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School. I am so happy I made the switch. Now I can say I am a safe, responsible and confident driver thanks to Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School. I would highly recommend this driving school over any other. They are amazing at what they do!


In addition to great driver training and reliable information, Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School also provides you with kindness and fascinating experiences. The instructors are professional and extremely patient. I am proud to have been a student of theirs.


York Mills Collegiate

I am so thankful to have found out about Ex Examiners.com Inc. They not only teach you how to drive, but help you build confidence as a driver. They are passionate about what they do and equip you with different skills and techniques that will help you pass your Road tests. Most importantly, they want you to succeed! Tom was my instructor and really wanted me to succeed despite doubts I had before taking my G2 and G exam. However, he taught me all that I needed to know and helped build my confidence which helped me pass both my G2 and G on my first try! Overall, Tom and the other instructors from Ex Examiners.com Inc. are all patient, professional and highly trained individuals that will help you pass your road tests and make you a confident driver. Would highly recommend this driving school!


An amazing story of survival, perseverance and triumph. Joe passed his road test, but this was no joke. Joe had made 2 previous attempts before coming to us and was very disappointed after each attempt. You could say Joe was without hope but by no means hopeless.

We worked with Joe for about 5 hours and on Joe’s next attempt he did not pass but showed a huge encouraging improvement. So much so he made a conscious decision to pass his next road test. We worked together for a few more hours and then went for his test. Joe passed his next test to the disbelief of his entire family and probably most friends. But not to us or the driver examiner, we believed from the beginning he would pass his test with our training.

It really is incredible the levels of confidence we all reach when properly prepared. It also is incredible that in the face of adversity, despair, and criticism from his adoring family, Joe carried on because he trusted us and what he had learned and practiced. The most incredible thing of all is Joe himself. Joe’s passed his highway test at the age of ninety three (93), soon to turn ninety four (94).

Joe agreed to let us use his story as an inspiration to all of the much younger kids in their 80’s that are faced with the grim task of being forced to do a road test. If he could get a video message to them. Congratulations Joe and Agnes, you are no longer trapped in your home until family arrives!



Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School gave me the confidence and the skills to pass my G test on the first try. I highly recommend taking just a few lessons to ‘polish up’ prior to testing. Thanks for helping me get my license!

Nat B

There are no better driver instructors than those at Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School; their high levels of experience with the Ministry of Transportation is apparent in the programs that they offer. In the classroom I was taught many safety tips, driving techniques, and strategies to help avoid an accident that I never would have thought of on my own. On the road, I had a chance to apply what I had learned and was given further instruction into new procedures such as parallel parking and freeway driving. I enjoyed every minute of the course, both in the classroom and on the road. It has given me a lot more confidence and patience in driving and I would highly recommend Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School to anyone looking for a highly comprehensive course in driver education.


Private School

If you are looking for complete road safety, then look no further than Ex Examiners.com Inc. Driving School. Their techniques and commitment to road safety fills you with confidence and skill. The highway driving was my favourite, my instructor took away my fear and replaced it with ability.


University of Western Ontario