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COVID-19 Safety Announcement

This is Tom Blyth and I hope everyone is healthy and functioning during this crazy time. Its always been about total road safety here at ExExaminers.com Inc. and now its also about doing everything we can to balance eliminating this earth altering virus vs continuing on in a safe and protected environment.

Until further notice during all lessons the student and instructor must wear a face mask for your protection during the lesson. The car will be completely wiped down with disinfectant prior to each lesson and thoroughly disinfected each morning. The in-car instructor will also be wearing a mask. If the student or instructor has a fever, cough, or sore throat, the lesson will be cancelled at no cost to the student and reschedule to a later date.

This thing will be beaten but we all have to do our part.
Good luck and wash your hands 😉

Tom Blyth

Our Program

Gone are the days of being so scared of your road test that when the examiner turns toward your car you get that “I can’t do this right now” feeling. We will fill you with the knowledge, ability, and confidence you need to perform at a level that ensures safety and success!

We teach and challenge your driving skills with the same comprehensive marking criteria the Ontario Ministry of Transportation Driver Examiners use to assess you on your road test.

The added value of our programs are to further develop your driving skills under the watchful eye of “Ex-Examiners”. We are the ultimate in driving instruction, taking you and your loved ones to a new level of driving ability, road safety, & peace of mind. We put you on the same road test you will receive at the test centre (either road or highway). We then explain the difference between how you are driving and what the examiner is looking for. We practice, practice, practice, until we are satisfied you possess the ability to pass your test and have become an alert, competent driver. 

Driving Packages

Beginner Driving packages include:

  • Pre-test coaching prior to your road test
  • Preparation for the G1 written test
  • GTA highway driving: 401, DVP, and 404
  • Intersection and rear collision avoidance
  • Eligible for an insurance discount upon completion
  • Training vehicle included for road test

Ultimate Advantage

15 hours of private one-on-one in-car lessons including 2 full hours of GTA highway lessons plus 20 hours of online classroom from the comfort of your own home.


plus applicable taxes​

Safety Advantage

10 hours of private one-on-one in-car lessons including 2 major route GTA highway lessons plus 20 hours of online classroom from the comfort of your own home.


plus applicable taxes​

The Ultimate Drivers Dream Package

A minimum of 20 hours of private one-on-one in-car lessons including 4 full hours of GTA highway lessons by one of our MTO trained former driver Examiners / instructors, 20 hours of online classroom from the comfort of your own home plus the Advanced Vehicle Control Program (full day program, own vehicle. Plus a 100% guaranteed pass on your road test (3 test maximum with 1 hour driving before each road test). Includes Insurance Certificate. Program ends with a minimum 20 hours driving, a passed road test & Advanced vehicle day completed. Insurance certificate issued upon completion of 10 hours in car and 20 hours online classroom completed.


plus applicable taxes​

ExExaminers Booster Package

This package was developed by popular demand for people that are either having a difficult time passing a road test / proactively seeking the ultimate advantage for their road test / or just taking an active interest in their own safety or the safety of a loved one.  In just a couple of hours you will learn exactly what it takes to remain self assured, confident, and calm during your road test. 

How it works is for the first 5-10 minutes of the first lesson you drive and we evaluate your level of experience. We then pull over to the side of the road and explain exactly what you are doing differently than what the examiners are looking for then we explain what they are looking for. The rest of the lesson we practice exactly the same marking criteria you will be marked by during your road test.

Includes 3 hours of driving and the car for the test.


plus applicable taxes​